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We gave you coal during the age of Steam.
We give you lamb (Which we thoughtfully leave unmolested, contrary to popular but increasingly tired belief)
We created the legend of King Arthur, only for you to take it and pass it off as your own creation.
We were living here and speaking our language when you were still somewhere in Scandinavia.
We were one of the first people to put poetry and music together.

So please, if you're going to disrespect us, do it properly.

Surely the country that gave the World the likes of Shakespeare, can muster up a more scathing attack than ones involving common farmyard animals?

The very fact that the Welsh are, for the most part, respected in other countries where the English are not - In my mind speaks volumes.
Englishman: HAHA Sheepshagger Walesman!
by THR June 19, 2006
Technically, any one of the many accents and dialects spoken in the British Isles - Technically. But only use it if you know and respect this fact. Never use "Britain" as a substitute for England in case you offend the Celts who will probably beat the crap out of you for your troubles (Being Welsh myself, I can pretty well guarantee it)

It is not specifically "English Accent". If you want to say someone has an English Accent. Then it is common sensical to say "English Accent" as opposed to the potentially irritating generalization.

Make no mistake. I, for one, and many others like me will not let you use the term "Britsh Accent" (OR British anything else where you actually should have said English)
without some form of protest. Be it verbal or physical.
There are no examples because the "British Accent" is a non-entity.
by THR June 19, 2006
A gay little hmong kid who sucks at cs. That nobody really likes. Kind of like a natapong, but natapongs are liked.
Dang, that kid is playing like a Vinue.
by THR April 04, 2005

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