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A white who adopts the mannerisms of a paki.
Like a whigger.
by anonymous February 16, 2004
Japanese for "armpit"
A: Check out the waki on that girl!
B: I have no idea what you're referring to. Her boobs?
A: Her armpits! I bet they've never been licked...
B: You can't be serious. You're into armpits?
A: Not armpits... Waki!
B: But you just said waki ARE armpits!!!
A: They are... but I don't call them armpits anymore. Men have armpits... women have waki.
by KtWdA November 08, 2012
A word used to describe if something or some one is not interested/not interesting and to let go of things ...commonly used alone not in the middle of the sentence...Egyptian Origin by Mostafa Zakaria Abouras && Omar Ahmed Aly && Mahmoud Maklad

Pronounced (Whack-ee)
1. Why Dont We Go out To That New Place Acroos The Street

-Waki..Dun feel like it

2- Im Gonna Ask This Girl Out

- Waki..She doesnt like you
by MMNanas November 19, 2010
(Wakki) Noun

Slang term for a young white man who adopts the mannerisms and speech patterns of a Paki. See also wigga
"Look at that guy, what a Waki"
by Willenium November 10, 2006
a person with 1 white parent and 1 paki parent.
guy 1: so where are your parents from?

guy 2: well my mums from england and my dads from india

guy 1: that makes you a waki!
by pendoo321 April 14, 2009
A term used by some Filipinos to discreetly describe a guy who has a really huge dick. Waki means "wasak kiki" which literally means "destroyed pussy/cunt/vagina/box". It is considered slang because it is a term that orginated from the streets.
Girl: Waki ka ba? (Are you a waki?)

Boy: WTF does that mean?

Boy 2: Wasak kiki, dude. She's asking if you've got a huge dong!
by boysnightout January 27, 2011
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