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A "Zakaria" is a male who holds his dishdasha in a very hot way. Zakarias are the kindest & sweetest people alive. A Zakaria blushes alot, and has chicken legs and when he tans, he gets turkey legs. A "Zakaria" is a very powerful human being, Zakarias are known for having superpowers, like the ability to give Shahas butterflies & pigeons in their stomach.
Bob : Oh my God.. is that a ..
Suzie : It can't be ..
Gmasha .. ITS A ZAKARIA !
by Sunkissed S August 31, 2007
83 58
A greasy bloke, often proud owner of a choad.
This person also fancies underage boys and tends to hide in parks watching them.
Be aware of the chaod master zakaria
Mum, is that a choad in the bushes?
No john its the local zakaria from the circus!
by gooch&lads May 01, 2011
30 37