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Legos on steroids, crack, and ecstasy.

With Zombies, Skeletons, and Screaming Floating Fire Monsters.
Wanna play with legos?
by KtWdA November 07, 2012
A somewhat rare condition in males and females in which the nipples have soft/puffy aureolae and an in-turned nip. They can, however, be extroverted temporarily when aroused.

It is rumored that inverted nipples are more sensitive than normal nipples.
(o) Normal nipples. (o)

(-) Inverted nipples. (-)
by KtWdA November 08, 2012
Japanese for "armpit"
A: Check out the waki on that girl!
B: I have no idea what you're referring to. Her boobs?
A: Her armpits! I bet they've never been licked...
B: You can't be serious. You're into armpits?
A: Not armpits... Waki!
B: But you just said waki ARE armpits!!!
A: They are... but I don't call them armpits anymore. Men have armpits... women have waki.
by KtWdA November 08, 2012
Japanese. Literally "Armpit Sex". The sexual act of a male rubbing his penis against, and ejaculating on the armpit (waki) of a female.

Also known as "bagpiping".
I'm planning to confess my deepest secret to my girlfriend, in hopes that she'll indulge me...
I'm going to tell her that I'm into wakizuri.
by KtWdA November 08, 2012

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