Worry about it tomorrow
'Can't drink no more, got work at 7'
by Bass monster September 30, 2012
Top Definition
Use it before a sentence to exclaim surprise and redirection of a train of thought. Do this no more than once a week and it can add useful emphasis to your communication efforts.

Or, use it before every other sentence as the new like. This way it does nothing at all, but will drive old people nuts and make you sound like a reality show super star.
Dad: Let's have pancakes for dinner.

Kid: Wait. Did you say we are having pancakes for dinner?

Dad: Wait for what? Yes, a whole breakfast for dinner!

Kid: Wait. Can I invite Carly over for pancakes?

Dad: What are we waiting for? No, Carly is irritating.

Kid: Wait. Can we have hash browns too?

Dad: Why are we still waiting? Yes, hash browns are delicious.

Kid: Wait. Carly loves hash browns!
by MRacer August 16, 2014
An alternate term used in place of the word sike that implies the previous statement was false or made in sarcasm.
"Yeah, I'll do your homework for you.. wait!"
"Yeah, that's really funny, wait."
by Matthew Davis December 03, 2006
something a journalism teacher says incessantly because she sucks at teaching and she can barely walk because she's a fat tub of lard
-Ms. Vivona... can you help me with my essay?
-It's gonna have to wait. I suck at life.
by Nicole February 19, 2004
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