When a guy is trying to have sex and he sticks his dick in the wrong hole
Guy: Am I in ?

Girl: Yes but Wa Hoo

Guy:Oops sorry
by ripdio555555555 May 18, 2010
It's pronounced, "WAH-HOO".

It's used to refer your reaction towards attractive people.
She had the wahoos over Nick.
by KAWF August 08, 2008
Scottish Slang: Someone who is crazy in the head and likes to go fighting.
Me: "What did you's get up to last night?"

A pal: "We were shouting abuse at folk in the town and then we all kicked fuck out a junkie down an alley."

Me: "Ha ha. You's are all a bunch of wahoo's."
by BuckfastTonicWine April 21, 2003
The art of "wahooing" beer/liquor is practiced by underage individuals who carry the alcohol in question up to the cashier, throw a substantial amount of currency on the counter that is well in excess of the sticker price of the alcohol in question, and run out the door. E.g., $20 for a 12-pack. The idea being, the store or cashier gets to pocket some "hush money" not to pursue the issue.
by bart October 28, 2003
The slang term used to call a prick-ass native american.
That faggot-assed wahoo sold me some shitty coke.
by redneckinMassena November 24, 2006
1) that guy from sacramento that drinks like a fish, passes out at your house only to wake up and piss all over. when confrunted with questions of said "mystery" puddle a wahoo will respond with a flurry of cuss words and unreconizable words, the most common: "fuck you you fucking cunts fuck this shit fuck you fuck her and fuck this place im out." followed by leaveing not too gracefully and returning multple time never remembering why and if in fact he left at all.
2) that guy from sacramento tha besides the first definition you still call to go drink with cause truble with all the while shouting "yop yop your mom" to any and every one you pass.
3) that guy mentioned in the first two definitions.
4) the friend you snort spilled beer off dirty bar tables with.
5) the kind of friend who you his interupt a perfect moon with a finger to poop shoot, just for laughs.
6) that guy
7) bitchaferd moraless

8) the living canvas passed out with his shoes on coverd in sharpee

9) of the genius homo hippius fuckeredupus
you: wahoo you pissed on my couch
wahoo: "fuck you you fucking cunts fuck this shit fuck you fuck her and fuck this place im out."
by bitchaferdnamer April 07, 2010
1. UVA student
2. Derrogatory word
3. Popped-collar sporting, butt plug using, all-around ugly and rich off mommy and daddy's money....assholes
There were a bunch of fuckin wahoos at that party last night.

Don't EVER call me a wahoo.
by Virginia's Favorite School January 22, 2005
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