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5 definitions by KAWF

It's pronounced as, "jihg-guh-boom".

It refers to hiphop and or rap music.
Will ya tell, Nick to turn down that jiggaboom, music?
by KAWF August 08, 2008
7 2
It's pronounced, "chaghg". The double "a" is included in the word, "as".
It refers to vomiting.
Last night, I had a really bad migraine(headache)and I chaaged in toilet.
by KAWF August 08, 2008
1 0
It's pronounced as "beh-jayn-gals".
It's humorously used to refer to the male genatilia.
Guys are known to scratch their bejangles (crotch) in public.
by KAWF August 08, 2008
2 5
It's pronounced, "WAH-HOO".

It's used to refer your reaction towards attractive people.
She had the wahoos over Nick.
by KAWF August 08, 2008
5 13
It's pronounced as "woo-hah".

It's referred to as your lover.
Hands off my wooha, and get your own.
by KAWF August 08, 2008
6 15