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5 definitions by KAWF

It's pronounced as, "jihg-guh-boom".

It refers to hiphop and or rap music.
Will ya tell, Nick to turn down that jiggaboom, music?
by KAWF August 08, 2008
It's pronounced, "chaghg". The double "a" is included in the word, "as".
It refers to vomiting.
Last night, I had a really bad migraine(headache)and I chaaged in toilet.
by KAWF August 08, 2008
It's pronounced as "beh-jayn-gals".
It's humorously used to refer to the male genatilia.
Guys are known to scratch their bejangles (crotch) in public.
by KAWF August 08, 2008
It's pronounced, "WAH-HOO".

It's used to refer your reaction towards attractive people.
She had the wahoos over Nick.
by KAWF August 08, 2008
It's pronounced as "woo-hah".

It's referred to as your lover.
Hands off my wooha, and get your own.
by KAWF August 08, 2008