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A cool guiatar effect which makes your guitar make a wah sound when you hit the pedal down and up repeatedly,spices up your a song,used alot in the 80's
wah wah wah wah wah wah
by John Fru August 02, 2004
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The sound you make when someone says a crappy joke or something stupid. You usually emphasize the last "wah" by dragging it out in a low monotone voice and looking at the person like an idiot.
Douche: Hey, do you know Chuck Norris' blood type?

Non-douche: No.

Douche: Trick question: he doesn't bleed.

Non-douche: Wah Wah.
by KanonDface October 10, 2008
An electric guitar addon operated by a foot pedal. This device produces a wavering sound.
Eric Clapton & Jimi Hendrix both used the wah wah pedal.
by Anonymous July 28, 2003
A song written by George Harrison about the tension he experienced with The Beatles. Released on the album "All Things Must Pass."
You've given me a wah wah.
by Chriszs August 07, 2006
a foot pedal you plug in between the guitar and the amp, as you move your foot it wavers from bass to treble smothly your guitar cry like a baby, with a bit of overdrive these things sound awesome, the dunlop cry baby was played by hendrix, the same as the one in the pic there. the holy grail of wah wah has always been the dunlop crybaby the same as in the picture up there. have a listen to jimmy hendrix voodoo chile. the wah wah is just one of many difrent kinds of effects.
wah wah wah, standin next to a mountain, shot her down with the palm of my hand, wah wah
by paul hinton May 04, 2006
The guitar/bass effect used in porn groove.
Bow wow wah chicka chicka wah wah chicka wowwwwww
Chicka bow chicka wow wow bow chicka wah chicka wowwwwww.
by Hotdog Willie December 06, 2006
A situation that is ironic and often comes paired with the Wah-wah sound effect.
America was formed when a bunch off assholes decided that they didn't want to give money to the country they were born in. The country that provided protection, transportation, and a wide variety of goods during colonization asking simply for a small tax in return. After killing a whole bunch of redcoats, Americans were finally free from having to pay taxes. Then they implemented taxes....Wah-wah.
by stprofparadoxIII December 14, 2010
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