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This is the noise of a sad trombone, usually lowering in pitch after each 'wah,' that sounds off when someone whines or something bad happens. The last 'wah' sometimes is spelled with extra Hs or capitalizations, in order to drag out the last and saddest sounding 'wah.'

Interchangable with a fail, a boo hoo, or finger tear drops.
Jason: d00d that girl just shot me down.
Aimee: wah wah wahhh!

Jer: I wanted to go to the show tonight but then I got grounded because my mom caught me watching pr0n.
Craig: wah wah WAH!
by michaliann August 25, 2009
A piece of poop, or dirt that looks like poop.
Me: Hey, sit down
You: No way, there's poodie on that chair.

BRB i have 2 go take a poodie.
by michaliann October 01, 2009
Someone who is an 'alien' to texting, usually older and technologically impaired.
My grandma is such a textra-terrestrial.

Dude A: Did you get ahold of joe?
Dude B: No, he just barely got a phone last week and he's a total textra-terrestrial.
by michaliann October 01, 2009
This is a text, ranging from long to very short, confessing something that he/she could not otherwise do face-to-face.
"He sent her a long textimonial, confessing his true love."

"After the party she sent me a textimonial about how much she wanted to jump my bones"
by michaliann September 14, 2009
A reducing number of men in an area/school/community.
Carol: I need a date to the prom
Jessica: Good luck, we're in such a mancession.
by michaliann October 01, 2009
Someone who is a virgin but participates in dry sex.
Joey: Did you hook up with her?
Pete: No, she's a total drysexual.
by michaliann October 01, 2009
Reading someone's texts over their shoulders. Like eavesdropping.
I couldn't tell you because my mom was totally textdropping!

My girlfriend is pretty cool but she's a total textdropper.
by michaliann November 01, 2009

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