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A term for a bad band that is so terrible, that you wouldn't mind hearing in the news that their plane went down and they are stuck on an unchartered island only to suffer a slow, agonizing existence but no one cares enough to save them.
Those douche nozzles have absolutely no talent.

Yeah, they're Good Charlotte.
by KanonDface October 10, 2008
Someone who uses lol not only too much in a conversation, but is most likely NOT laughing out loud at what was previously said. Not only is this person an abuser of an already retarded term, but they are a liar. Hit them.
Vladimir: I'm really confused with this hw.
Eric: lol
Vladimir: Why is that funny? I really am confused.
Eric: I'm not laughing lol
Vladimir: Why are you using lol then?
Eric: lol
Vladimir: You are a lol abuser and I loathe you, no lol. I will kill you dead.
by KanonDface October 10, 2008
The sound you make when someone says a crappy joke or something stupid. You usually emphasize the last "wah" by dragging it out in a low monotone voice and looking at the person like an idiot.
Douche: Hey, do you know Chuck Norris' blood type?

Non-douche: No.

Douche: Trick question: he doesn't bleed.

Non-douche: Wah Wah.
by KanonDface October 10, 2008
A term used with sarcasm when someone asks you to grab something that is out of your reach.
Hey, can you grab that bag of chips?

Oh yeah...go go gadget arm.

Seriously, grab the chips.
by KanonDface October 10, 2008
A racial slur for an African American.
You're a poo face.

Oh yeah, well you're a poo body!

by KanonDface October 10, 2008

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