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AWSOME with capital letters and in all aspects of the word. when your nedim, your the cool, quiet type.
Your one cool Nedim!
by Frozen June 24, 2004
To take a coworker's lunch from the communal refrigerator.
That little shit-weasel Raymond better not poach my fucking tuna sandwich again.
by Frozen June 18, 2003
One who takes a coworker's lunch from the communal refrigerator. See poach.
Raymond is a ruthless poacher, I've caught him twice eating my lunch at his desk.
by Frozen June 18, 2003
1.) A protocol in Linux which scheduals tasks.

2.) A word which makes "hackers" (washburn, p0rky) seem more intelligent than those who do not know what it means. However, intensive study has uncovered nobody cares about schedualing tasks in Linux, and those who say the word should immediatly commit suidice and kill any offspring produced before death.
h8 : at at at at at
p0rky : atttttt at at at
frozen : I do not believe in the existance of Allah, yet I am still now praying he sees fit to strike you down with painful anal sores.
by frozen November 09, 2004
A furnace used by glassblowers to heat pieces while working.
Larger pieces will often require many trips to the glory hole.
by Frozen August 17, 2003
A tour in which many young teenage boys travel throughout the country sharing their peen with everyone.
"Peeeeeen tour!"
by Frozen March 03, 2004
Used by inept internet users who , for some reason, put a letter which is not only incorrect, but also approximatly an inch away from the correct letter in the word instead.
· @DEVIL`S_ADVOCATE · : i would not tough u with a 10 fot pole.

· frozen · : Ahhh...alright, there's a new urban dictionary entry.
by frozen July 05, 2005
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