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its when someone is sad and drinks coffee and ponders the mysteries of love
"its not my fault im not talkative, im simply norahjonesing"
by whitey138 January 17, 2005
anyone who vows to make extinct hallway PDAs in public high schools. can be anyoen by simply yelling "PDA!" neer the PDAers
look at all those people making out. we deffinately need some intimacy police.
by whitey138 January 20, 2005
1. a goth poser
2. someone that wears darker clothes because of a shitpunk band does, trying to copy them
3. a fan of good charlotte
4. someone buys crap at hot topic and is obsessed with the store.
"that kid wearing the good charlotte shirt is such a goser."
"that kid thinks hes pretty hardcore, but hes just a goser."
"god damnit. now that our town has a hot topic, were going to have a lot more gosers around here."
by whitey138 July 26, 2004
the act of participating in waffle cone wednesday at TCBY
anyone up for waffling next wednesday?
by whitey138 January 20, 2005
indiscribable word used to describe someone that you dont have a good enough insult for. NOT to be confused with honky for it is not a racial slur of any sort, just a stupid word. can be used as a noun or adjective.

created by me and a friend being stupid at work.
"your such a wonkey"
"look at those wonkey dancers with their wonkey ways"
by whitey138 January 17, 2005

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