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An adjective often used to describe a person, or an event, which was weird, stupid, or ridiculous.

Not the same as wack, which is usually used to describe something as disturbing, frightening or just plain strange.
Did you see what that wack-ass girl was doing?

That was a wack-ass show!
by crayons September 01, 2004
something utterly ridiculous
check out that dude with the WACKASS gheri-curl.
by shanirok November 15, 2003
defining some ridiculous event.
yo some wack ass lady broke my skateboard and nearly killed coon.
by ve03h May 04, 2005
a person who is horrible with driving directions.
"Yo Wackass here doesn't even know how to get home from school"
by niket November 01, 2005
something that is really wack and/or assy.. but probably AND because that is why it is wackass. wack + ass= WACKASS! GET IT?!
dude your mother was wackass in bed last night! i mean... what was that? she sucked. more than your sister i mean. and that's not really saying much.
A word used to describe a guy who is funny, smart, & handsome. Doesnt get any better than this. Basically, perfect.
Wow, that guy's a total Wackass.
by sky827 March 25, 2009
Invented after a hard dude at a great school, originally spelt waquass, but modified by society.
It can mean extrodinary, or very cool
That shirt is wackass
by carl jenner March 11, 2005
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