An internet meme started by Omnifrog.
"whf is going on on air?"
by Ballig January 24, 2009
Top Definition
One of the biggest radio stations in the DC/Metropolitan area. Launched many no-name bands into MTV stardom. Broadcasted for 36 years until it was suddenly and tragically changed into a crappy salsa station by the evil Infinity Radio corporation.
The legendary 99.1 wHFS, the TRUE alternative...
by JP January 13, 2005
A radio station that used to be good, but isn't anymore.
The neighborhood was a nice place to raise a kid a couple years ago, but then it had to go all WHFS
by Caspergear October 24, 2004
pronounced "woof," WHF stands for "weathered homo face." Generally seen driving a Subaru (lesbaru) and referring to her cats as "children."
"Damn, our oceanography professor has a WHF"
by fruitthatturnsyougay February 23, 2008
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