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One of the biggest radio stations in the DC/Metropolitan area. Launched many no-name bands into MTV stardom. Broadcasted for 36 years until it was suddenly and tragically changed into a crappy salsa station by the evil Infinity Radio corporation.
The legendary 99.1 wHFS, the TRUE alternative...
by JP January 13, 2005
A radio station that used to be good, but isn't anymore.
The neighborhood was a nice place to raise a kid a couple years ago, but then it had to go all WHFS
by Caspergear October 24, 2004
An internet meme started by Omnifrog.
"whf is going on on air?"
by Ballig January 24, 2009
pronounced "woof," WHF stands for "weathered homo face." Generally seen driving a Subaru (lesbaru) and referring to her cats as "children."
"Damn, our oceanography professor has a WHF"
by fruitthatturnsyougay February 23, 2008
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