the euphoria state one reaches after having smoked a certain amount of marijuana, while listening to Bob Marley.
"man these shoes are like a vortex!"
by BigM43 April 11, 2008
Top Definition
a sexual maneuver in which you bring a girl into a bathroom stall and proceed to fuck her from behind, then once you are climaxing you submerge her head into the flushing toilet water screaming VORTEX at the top of your lungs, best done with a total slut during a definite one night stand
"Doug thinks she is a total pig but she is so into him and so wasted he is going to Vortex her in the bathroom"
by Angry_Dragon_Giver February 06, 2011
any situation that is or can be messy, disasterous or dangerous.
"you better stay away from that Lisa chick. trust me dude, you don't wanna get caught up in that vortex."
by bonzai March 03, 2005
An infinite abyss of space where time stops all together. Can be compared to a black hole, any and everything in close proximity gets sucked in and can never come back out.
"Stephanie's vagina was like a Vortex, it just sucked Brett in!!"
by El-Bow January 19, 2009
The best commercialized gravity bong on the market.
(stoner 1)- Dude, im tired of making gravity bongs out of 2-liter bottles
(stoner 2)- lets go get a Vortex
by Reid Patrick May 27, 2008
the ideal zone where maximum laziness, comfortableness, and funniness is achieved without the use of alcohol, hallucinagenic drugs, or any other substance. Coined by Kevin Debartolo, Andrew Kim, Casey Miller, Patrick Harrington, and Tyler Buckley.
"Dude, i'm so in the vortex right now."
"Get me out of the basement, im so vortexed"
"i was so vortexed last night"
by IshKevCasePatTy September 16, 2008
An awesome free game that will addict you. If you liked Diablo 2, Vortex Quake 2 will deprive you of hours of sleep.
"Vortex Quake 2 must be awesome dude.. ever since Jordan told me it he hasn't come out one single weekend."
by projectvortex July 17, 2009
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