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Great band that actually gives a shit about their music and their surroundings.
Vedder gave a tiring speach about Bush, but still put on a great show.
by elvis June 27, 2003
"Windows Rot" is the name someone gave the process by which a Windows machine becomes progressively slower the longer you use it and the more software you install on it.
I think I'll have to reinstall XP since the Windows Rot has slowed it down so badly...
by Elvis February 22, 2006
1. A term to describe a particularly stylish automobile.

2. An automobile that can typically be distinguished from mainstream automobiles by being equipped with at least 23" wheels (see "MJs") and a hydraulic suspension where each corner of the vehicle can be raised or lowered independent of one another. OR, the entire vehicle can be made to bounce.
I pulled along side in the G ride. I got front and back and side to side.

Damn, those MJs are phat, Leroy's new car is a G ride.
by Elvis August 25, 2004
the level of sexual intent shown to a member of the opposite sex, see www.homestarrunner.com
"Rich got a jeep and the bitches were all up ons"
by elvis February 20, 2005
"richard you dime bar"

(to the person who wrote the first definition-steve dave- either you are a mallrats fan or have a class name which is it?)
by Elvis July 14, 2003
Gas that escapes between the wall of the anus and the poop that needs to come out.
Hey Ralph, you smell that! I have to shit so bad I've got blow-by.
by Elvis October 18, 2003
something that is so stupid that it is laughable coined by jay and silent bob.
you guys are fucking clown shoes
by elvis February 20, 2005

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