when you're in a car (really drunk/high), you close your eyes, blast really awful music, and stick your arms out like you're flying through space.
"Dude! Turn up the Black Eyed Peas! I'm about to vortex right now!"
by AKWYLcyt May 01, 2010
When you talk to someone who is real dumb, they just stare at you and it is clear that there is very little brain activity as they attempt to understand what you are saying.
I just got vortexed by that fucker, I almost got sucked in!
by Atrizzle April 29, 2008
Any number of people greater than 2 that engage in group e-mail conversation within the hours of work.
"Today I got f@ck all work done, just chatted on the tex all arvo!!"
by Stouzo October 15, 2003
Combination of awsome and stoked. Showing great enthusiasm is a laid back manner.
Those plans we have to go to the lake are so fuckin' vortex!
by giantdeer December 19, 2007
Denna usla neger jävel duger bara till att pricka golv / vägg / tak, han duger inte ens till att hoppa ordentligt... därför e voiden hans bästa polare som ger honom daglig avsugning...
Ibland prickar han faktist nåt annat än väggar osv, det e sina Team kamrater, skjuter dom oftast med mening pga ilskan som tynger honom innombords ( pga hans afrikanska mamma brände bullarna han skulle ha till Björnes magasin )
by Elvis August 26, 2003
Similar to the shocker. The only difference is, upon insertion into the vagina, the index and middle fingers are crossed. This causes exceptional pleasure for the woman.
Baby, you like da shocka, now i'ma give you da vortex!!
by omoshima May 29, 2003
derrogatory name for the asshole, known by few.
Mark DePippo bent over with his pants down and I could see straight down his vortex.
by Webster January 03, 2005
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