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Voorhees is Whorehees spelled wrong
Did she really do that?

Duh she's from voorhees
by hazmat September 26, 2006
A kid that can break 2:00 in 800m and also run a solid 2 mile. He like is a frequent player of Peggle and often thinks the questions from Cranium are easy except the ones he gets. He enjoys a nice barefoot run around the track. He dreams to one day be as his fellow teammate, Nick. A Voorhees is also very hair in strange places
O man! That kid over there is such a Voorhees! He is running barefoot like a wild animal.
by dog22 May 03, 2009
1. a. Derrived from herpes, often known as a dick, mostly to the opposite sex, often women. b. A Voorhees is a man who constantly longs for a sammich.

2. A Voorhees is any living organism which hates all females.
"Haha, what a Voorhees, just leaving that bitch down there."
"Hey bitch gime a sammich" "Quit being such a Voorhees!"
"You could consider me a Voorhees, i mean i hate women"
by Bosssauce April 04, 2010
Where jason from friday the 13th was born and is his last name!
Damn dude! did u know jason voorhees died in crystal lake in voorhees!!!
by heehaw69 March 03, 2009