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A 1984 classic horror movie about a knife-glove weilding child murderer named Freddy Krueger who was killed then came back to haunt children in their dreams. Has 7 sequels including a battle between him and Jason Voorhees of the 'Friday the 13th' series.
After they killed me, I became something much, much worse...the stuff nightmares are made of.
-Freddy Krueger
by Roger_Alvey_ June 24, 2005
An act that is remotely sexual in nature involving a man and an asian prostitute. The afformentioned man orders a prostitute, hits her in the face with a shovel, and proceeds to chop her into small cubes, which he then rubs all over his body while masterbating.
I gave that bitch a Nightmare on Elm Street!
by Max February 23, 2005

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