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Someone who migrates to larger cities for the purposes of mobile reception.
"Check out that guy over there. Did he come to Sydney for the good reception? What a vodes!"
by Shmo Go October 01, 2009
Darius' Gaming name, is he leet stoof in every game he plays so gtfo him k? k.
Vode owns neebs
by Haxor12 August 29, 2008
Vag on the dancefloor everytime; that one friend that drops it down so low in the club her vag scrapes the floor everytime
"Wow dude, did you see Ellie on the dancefloor" " Yeah man, she a VODE typa girl"
by Juzmiester July 11, 2015
a lumpy pussy
man thats an ugly vode
by sloppy joe June 05, 2003
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