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Someone whom only eats virgins.
Stephen: God, I'm so hungry.
Brett: Why don't you go get something to eat?
Stephen: I can't; I'm a virgitarian. I can only eat virgins, so it's really hard to find a good meal that I can stand to eat, but when I find a good one, man, that's the juciest thing you'll ever eat.
by Stephen Church June 22, 2006
a vegetarian who is also a virgin.
Alex is very pure. She's like a virgitarian or something.
by Hailey_Halfbreed February 14, 2008
A person who is both a virgin and a vegetarian.
"You're 21 and you've never had sex? You also don't eat meat? You're such a virgitarian!"
by Hazel January 02, 2004
Someone who refuses to have oral sex, or has not previously had oral sex.
Hoe: You want to suck my pussy?
noBro: Uh, I can't...
Hoe: Why?
noBro: Because I'm..... A VIRGITARIAN.
Hoe: *Passes out*
by Crock Cacaine January 05, 2012
a person who only eats virgins.
Girl #1: do you think John likes me?
Girl #2: no, he's a virgitarian
by autumnintexas September 17, 2009
one who doesnt sexually interact with virgins. (fuck not the virgin but the whore)
i was a virgitarian once.. but then i turned seven and had sex with my sister.
by sirius8189 May 19, 2009