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4 definitions by Hailey_Halfbreed

a vegetarian who is also a virgin.
Alex is very pure. She's like a virgitarian or something.
by Hailey_Halfbreed February 14, 2008
a girl who doesn't allow other girls to even look at her ex-boyfriend, let alone speak to him. She's controllive of someone she can't have anymore.
Person1: I really like Mark.
Person2: Then ask him out.
Person1: Nah, his ex-girlfriend is a stalker skank.
by hailey_halfbreed June 12, 2007
ghetto and redneck
I would call you ghrettoneck. You're really redneck and really ghetto.

Ex: white girls that dress like black guys, childhoods games such as tag and hopscotch
by Hailey_Halfbreed December 27, 2009
when a guy gets his sex changed, it goes from being a penis to being a vagenis.
Sara: So, Danny, how are things with Allen?
Danny: He's a she now... has a vagenis and everything.
by Hailey_Halfbreed January 26, 2008