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1: An island or other piece of land which is undiscovered.

2: A person or animal who has never had sex. This could be for a variety of reasons, but if there were more virgins there might be less STDs, less unwanted pregnancies and less babies who grow up being ignored by their uninterested parents, having no chance in life at all and ending up in the gutter or on drugs. The problem is that people are so often made to feel that admitting you're a virgin is akin to admitting you're a leper.

I'm sure most virgins have had sex on their own, if you get my drift. Despite us humans claiming we're superior to animals, primal instincts are still within us.

Emma: So, Rachel. You had sex yet?
Rachel: No. I'm only thirteen. Anyway, I'm going to save myself for the right man.
Emma and her friends laugh and start chanting 'Rachel's a virgin'.
by StormSworder August 11, 2006
A status I couldn't imagine ever wanting to lose
1.In an argument about who's the best sexually, you'll always win.
2.Knowing your just that little bit better than everyone else.
3.Bragging rights, yeah, you tell those sluts who's boss!
4.Don't get me wrong, it's just the way of nature, but me?.. having sex..? that's repulsive!
5.At this point in time, sex is useless, even if for procreation, it just isn't right when there are kids starving on the streets.
6.We do not crave sex, if someone has sex, they may get addicted to the endorphines produced in the act, and crave endorphines, and so may appear to crave sex, but you can do other things to raise your endorphine levels and stop you craving.
7.There are other, drug-free ways to get high.

Just one note, if you masturbate, technically your still a virgin, but you lose the bragging rights to being one, because you've still whored yourself.
Notvirgin= I got laid to this REALLY AWESOME babe last night! I bet you get nothing more than hookers! Therefore I am better than you.
Virgin=I'm virgin,I am not so miserable in my life that I have nothing to do but hump, therefore I am better than YOU! I bet when you don't get any you jack off,manslut!
by Virgin and proud. May 14, 2009
A city in Utah mentioned in Bowling for Columbine because of an ordinace passed requiring all citizens to own a gun.
Felon One: I'm robbing a bank, wanna help?
Felon Two: Where?
Felon One: Virgin, Utah.
Felon Two: Shit I ain't helpin' they's a bunch of inbred rednecks with guns. It's a suicide mission you're on yo' own.
by LC Vince GT July 31, 2006
Also know as a "Bernie," one who insists on bringing females home from the bar but rather than getting his d dubs, he talks to them... please also see homo
1) Rather than get his d dubs, bernard decided to stay a virgin and watch terminator.

2) Beej being a virgin is not by choice but more his love for me than women.
by allstarme October 23, 2007
Someone who has never had sexual intercourse before
1) Hey virgin, society thanks you for nothing
2) 40 year old virgin
by Coryboy January 15, 2007
Someone who has not engaged in sexual intercourse. If you wish to find one, they may be hard to find as their gatherings are generally referred to as "Star Trek Conventions."

Additional gatherings may be: Anime Conventions, Star Wars conventions, and Lord of the Rings conventions.
"Hey Spock. Can I get a picture of you?" - Spock is probably a Virgin.
by Verin August 19, 2006
One who has never seen Rocky Horror Picture show live in a theater.
"I've never seen Rocky Horror"
"Well, when we go you'll become a virgin sacrifice"
by k'luh December 27, 2005
Males:Anyone under the age of 14 who has not yet had sex, after that age they are no longer known as virgins and earn the title of loser.
Females: A girl who has not yet had sex. These species of wimen begin to rapidly die out after the age of 16. If you are lucky enough to find one above that age who doesnt look like a horse MARRY HER. (Usually VERY tight)
"Dude i hooked up wit this chick last night, n i find out shes a virgin it took me 30 minutes just to get 2 fingers in her!"
by Justin Christie May 31, 2005