alternative for vigor; enthusiasm; excitement; gaiety; elation
She danced with vim.
by julie bing January 22, 2005
Top Definition
Vim is VI-iMproved: it's a souped-up version of the classic Unix editor vi. Vim is written in C, and has been ported to almost all Unix/Linux/BSD variants as well as Win/Mac OS's. Vim can run in terminal mode or in its own window, using whatever native windowing system you have (Win32, Quartz, Qt, Gtk). A kickass feature of vim is syntax highlighting.
Vim is the most productive text editor available, once you learn the cryptic vi commands that is.
by CloakedCoder December 04, 2004
Plenty of energy and enthusiasm. Archaic British expression.
Commentator 1: That Jim, he's really putting a lot of energy into his batting, never gives up.

Commentator 2: Aye, he's got plenty of vim that lad.
by mgaved February 20, 2009
The strength with which Spartans fight.
"Spartan teams are bound to win, they're fighting with a vim!"
by Emma Sue March 25, 2010
According to Stewie on Family Guy, "victory is mine"
Lawnmower (1), yard grass (0), vim (victory is mine )
by roundheadkid October 08, 2009
can be used as a noun i.e. VIM or a verb i.e. VIMed
As is: That guy hitting on me made me VIM. God, he was nasty.

Or: His pants were on the ground, and I VIMed.
by It Was Gross October 20, 2010
A text editor that is only good in its command line and/or SSH forms. Does gread code color coding, and is very intuitive. Made only for Linux/UNIX Operating Systems, however a Windows port is underway.
Hey, did you use vim to CVS out that source code?
by shinji-kun January 03, 2004
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