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One's online name. Often, a hacker will use a handle, and will be referred to by this handle by all his associates, to help lessen the chances of his getting caught. Also, often a privacy measure.
My handles are shinji, Cryo-man, and saihenjin. But you can call me bob.
by shinji-kun January 03, 2004
1. Japanese for "bear".
2. In some cases, refers to a l0053r, but this is seldom, if ever.
3. That one guy from Teken...I think.
(1)Hai, thats a kuma, and it craps in the forest.
(2)Dude! That guy wwas such a freaking kuma!
(3)Kuma just pwned j00!
by shinji-kun January 04, 2004
Term more popular with the older generation. Refers to several things. A woman's sudden need to have a child, puberty, etc. are all supposedly controlled by a biological clock. As well as waking up and sleeping habits. Hence losing time after a long airline trip.
Oi...where's all this hair coming from?
Its your biological clock, man!
by shinji-kun June 20, 2004
Japanese for "Well..." A describing of personal not-knowing, or indecisiveness.
How did you like Soul Calibur 2?

Anou...it was pretty good!

by shinji-kun January 04, 2004
A less often used form of the word "hax0r". Hacker. Anyone who is truly l33t, and not that AOhell l33t sp33k you hear a lot.
I 0W/\/20|2 j00, 8|7c#! P#33|2 73# #4x0r!
by shinji-kun January 03, 2004
A newer joke, pointed as Microsoft's Windows. Invented to point out how much it blows.
Dude, get off the fscking Windblows and get a Linux Box! Tux rules!
by shinji-kun January 04, 2004
1. In military, a Rocket Propelled Grenade.
2. In gaming, a Role Playing Game. There are subcategories of MMORPG and CRPG. Massively Multiplayer, and Console. Respectively.
(1)While playing C&C, Tiberian Sun (with expansion pack) HOLY CRAP, THAT RPG TOWER TOTALLY DECIMATED MY TROOPS!
(2)All RPGs rock, but some more than others. Final Fantasy 4 & 6 rock the hardest, along with Secret of Mana.
by shinji-kun January 03, 2004

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