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*NIX and *BSD program standing for "Secure SHell" which has many different commercial implementations along with an open-source implementation called OpenSSH.

It is used to remotely login to a computer running SSHDSecure SHell Daemon using a username a password and then execute commands on the remote machine. Works nicely when you have your parents running Gentoo Linux like I do. =^_-=
ssh user@host
by Pwnz3r August 08, 2004
It is also the abreviation for the japanese metal band Saitama Saishuu Heiki, which makes arrangements of videogame music and some original compositions.
Yay! i heard holy orders arrangement from SSH!
by Chris Falcon December 05, 2007
Simply Sitting at Home. People who choose unemployment as their employer.
Ask Steve to do it. He is SSH.
by Bin-X October 26, 2010
Skank slut hoe. SSH is to be used in times when you need more than one word to describe how slutty a person is because sometimes only using the word skank doesn't always say enough.
Miles Cyrus is a total SSH.
by dollymonroe November 20, 2010
Abbreviation for Super Silver Haze, a potent strain of marijuana. Best smoked out of a bong, if you ask me.
SSH x Trainwreck + Bong = Ripped for hours
by stonerx June 01, 2007
Also an abbreviation for a decription of a person that is a Super Slutty Hore.
"Stay the hell away from that chic , she's an SSH"
by Maid Mercy November 01, 2006
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