Actually spelt Victoria's Secret and it is a brand of women's underwear/lingerie, sleep wear, and actually even makes regular clothing. But best known for their lingerie, which is kick-ass. Visit their site, its the best non-pornographic porn out there (It's free!).
Dude! That thong she was wearing was so from Victoria's Secret
by Dutch Caribbean Roy July 30, 2004
Victoria's Secret is a popular retail store where women can buy all types of sexy underwear, bras, and other kinds of lingerie. Often overpriced, Victoria's Secret products are of high quality. Victoria's Secret Pink, an offshoot of the main company, is known for its cute and comfy clothes and underwear. Apparently, Victoria's Secret was started by a man- hence, Victoria's *Secret*.
Heidi: Hey let's go to the mall! I have a lot of money and I need new lingerie that's really pretty!
Miranda: Let's go to Victoria's Secret! They have the best stuff ever!!
by MissCaliBrownie April 09, 2010
A secret store where you can go and be transformed into a bombshell beauty. Purchase required.
Wow, you look so...different!
"I know, I went to Victoria's Secret and suddenly I was sexy."
by Dropdeadgogo May 04, 2010
The most amazing clothing store for girls on the planet!
They have everything from bras,panties,shirts,shorts,and bags,to lipgloss, fragrance, and shoes!

"OMG girl we gotta go get some new bras at Victorias Secret!"
by **ohmygawd June 17, 2008
One of the very few things in the world both women and men love. Victoria's Secret models are the most beautiful women in the world which perform in the amazing Victoria's Secret Fashion Show every fall as well as in other cool publicity.
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2006 is the best example to see this brand in its very best.
by Batmanfan1 January 05, 2012
what both man an women can enjoy

men:like to look at almost naked chicks
women:like to shop for under garments
Example 1: "close laptop"

friend: where you watching porn
you: no "opens laptop"
friend: oh Victoria's Secret website


Example 2:
women: hey this Victoria's secret panties are uncomfortable i think I'm going to take them off
by bananafarm April 15, 2014
when your spouse or sexual partner wears loads of make up, the male soaks his genitalia in water or oil, and repeatedly slaps the female until her make up comes off onto the penis. the male then inserts his penis into the female's mouth.
"My girlfriend wears too much make up."
"Hey man, Victoria's Secret can fix that!"
by jahne October 24, 2011
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