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The verb form of the word "verses". It should be used like this: "Did you see that match? It was red verses blue!"

However more people use it the innocorect way: "Are you versing him later?" Let me just tell you all that THIS IS NOT A WORD. Its not even slang! Its just stupid!
Are you versing him later?
Its just me verses him.
Ill verse him for you!
by Slanginformer December 11, 2005
The action of writing verses of a poem with another person, versing and taking turns, you go i go
Fool #1: I'm rippling the horizon

Like a ravenous lion
Fool #2: I'm swallowing serotonin

Mainling dopamine
Fool #1: I think we communicate the best when we're versing with each other
Fool #2: Why? Oh, cause you think you're the next Edgar Allen Poe right?
Fool #1: No, more like the next Emily Dickinson
by copacetic cutie July 16, 2010
competing, playing against.
Derived from the common term "vs." in video games where choices are either 1 Player or 2 Player (commonly listed as "vs.").
This usage, while considered incorrect by many, is extremely common with young people due to their familiarity with video games.
The Lions are versing the Packers on Sunday.
by WordMoFo October 02, 2006
To describe an athletic contest between two teams, particulary if it involves a Mets team, or a college football team.
Who are you versing tonight in the baseball contest?
by hypnotoad December 06, 2004
A duel of wits, usually involving Thor and Martin. Most often used to describe when a game of connect 4 is being played.
Suddenly Martin found himself VERSING Thor, the god of thunder.
by Artimusstache July 25, 2016
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