Beautiful girl who is always nice and will give you multiple chances before she gives up on you.
If you ever meet a Veronica don't let her go and don't mess it up she will care for you until your become a childish awhole.
by Geekinglasses7789 January 11, 2014
a good person to talk to, a nice girl to have as a friend, and a good girlfriend to have.<3
Veronica is so kind,if you don't act like a (bitch) to her..
by orange-pop July 29, 2014
the second most popular stripper name in the world.
lets go to the strip club to see some veronicas.
by cookooo April 14, 2007
Veronica's tend to laugh a lot at jokes that aren't funny, her laugh tends to make other people laugh. Veronica's tend to like people named Chris or Dominic, people who might have a deep sexy voice or a cute face. Veronica's talk to her friends about her crushes and what she wants to do to them. Veronica's are either Mexican, Korean or mixed between Mexican and Korean. Veronica's are usually found in your school band and also play other instruments such as the piano. Veronica's are usually born at the end of the summer. Veronica's tend to like to twerk.
Chris: that girl is hot when she plays the instrument

Dominic:*deep voice* yes she does and she knows how to twerk, she must be a Veronica.
by That_random_person_101 November 17, 2013
Veronicas are very girly, and gorgeous. They can get all the boys/girls they want, and lots of girls are jealous. Veronicas aren't very smart -at all. They are very popular. Everyone loves Veronicas.

Most likely a brunette. Tall, beautiful, sexy.
"Aw, she must be a Veronica. She's gorgeous!"
by coolness_potatoes October 01, 2013
The sex position where you finger a girls ass and vagina at the same time. Then pick her up with the same hand and hold her up while she gives you a blowjob upsidedown.
How much for a veronica?

So I was giving my boyfriend a veronica in my room when he lost his grip and dropped me on my head.
by Dmulla June 01, 2014
Cold hearted bitch. Has platinum/light blonde hair and blue eyes. She is average height, and lives in a big city. Pretends to be nice, but stabs everyone in the back. Talks about her friends behind their backs. She is pretty, but can give the most evil death stare. Started smoking cigarettes at an early age, by stealing them from her parents. She is always looking for opportunity to climb the social ladder and will drop friends she has is it means she can hang with the popular group. Spreads rumors about people. Bullies girls she dropped as friends by talking about their looks. Calls them "ugly" and "weird". Will also make fun of their clothing, and will target any new friends they make. Most likely insecure. Will become friends again with someone who was terribly mean to her if it means she will be popular. Huge flirt. Boys don't seem to realize what an awful person she is.
"I heard Veronica was talking about Genevieve behind her back, no surprise though."
by 22282228 July 29, 2014

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