a random, unexpected and nice person to be with and very athletic
am example of random from Veronica:i'll shout out in the middle of a meet that i have to use the restrooom...
by Artemitis December 23, 2008
Beautiful puerto rican girl whose heart guides her. She puts up with a lot of crap from other but doesn't say anything to spare their feelings. Is a princess in every aspect, loves to party when she can, loves unconditionally and has a super soft spot for puppies. Super good friend, hard worker with an exceptional sense of style~!
Veronica is the shit.
by later tater March 30, 2007
An extraordinarily beautiful girl. Spending time with her ranks as one of the greatest things ever.
that Veronica is really something special
by T-rip14 September 07, 2010
the most amazing girl in the world, my juliet and my beautiful princess <3 shes smart, and perfect in every way, she knows how to treat everyone the right way and everyone loves her. shes a girl youl fall in love with instantly. shes compassionate and shel show you that she cares. shel talk to you all night, and shel always make you laugh and smile. shes a gorgeous girl whol always be there for you
shes one incredible, breathtaking girl <3
veronica irene ruiz <3
by zacary February 08, 2010
A strong beautiful woman. Can survive either ways, on her own her or with someone else. Finds the simples details to be attracting. Has a gorgeous smile and stunning eyes. Yet listens to the negative but hope strong for the positive.
by jollylli November 25, 2011
she's a beautiful girl with an amazing smile and loves everyone . if you ever date a veronica , never let her go. veronica is perfect beyond belief. she will love you and care about you forever. don't hurt her though, or she might not forgive you. she's not a slut, she's not bitch, she's a human. just like anyone else. she may make mistakes but she's fucking perfect and nobody will ever change that. she will always be your best friend and never leave you. she's the greatest friend you could ever have
boy 1: did you see veronica today?
boy 2: yeah, she's so hot
boy 1: I love her!
Kyle: I'm her boyfriend.
boys 1,2,3 : fml
by muffinbudder102 July 02, 2014
Full name: Veronica Lodge. In the popular Archie comics, Betty's arch nemesis for Archie's affections.

Also refers to a any prude who's idea of passion is a friendly hug.
Archie always liked Betty better because Veronica was always such a Veronica.
by Alfie The Horndog November 30, 2005

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