french for: dick, tallywacker, shlong, peter, etc.
Je suis l'homme avec le plus grand verge du monde!
by Mac Daddy Kings May 12, 2003
a verge is an aweful old guy, who loves to "touch" teenage girls in inappropriate places. its not very commen that a verge gets caught doing so. a verge also makes female students go into his office for a talk, and makes them pleasure him in exchange for the money a verge makes selling snacks. when you see a verge walking down a hallway, you might want to walk the opposite way, very quickly before he sees you, and comes up behind you and gropes your hips. a verge is also i huge pot-head, who likes to keep bowls inside his truck. just remember, that if you see one of these so called "verges" look down, and don't make eye contact, and you SHOULD be fine.
"watch out a verge is coming"
"whats a verge?"
"ohhh just trust me.. stay away"
by lalalaloser April 17, 2008
A nasty old man usually out to molest your children. A Verge is often seen lurking around corners, ready to snag your precious loved ones, and flop his old aged, wrinkled penis in their faces. A Verge is smarter than what you think. They have X-ray vision, and love to use it when you walk ahead of them. Beware, for a Verge can not only molest you, but once your a victim.. they come back for seconds. Stay clear of a Verge.
Hey, check out that Verge! What's he doing? Is he walking next to little Cindy? Oh wait.. Cindy look out! Ooops, shes a gonner. How sad.
by Alexis Texas April 14, 2008
A male virgin, who is well above the legal age for having sexual intercourse!
lad A: Yo dude are u still a verge?
lad B: ye man! same as last year, the year before etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc and so forth!
by Trinkbar_Trina March 29, 2005
When the limit as k approaches infinity and the series goes to 1, it is inconclusive, or known as verges
Man I after using the root test I found out that the series as k goes to infinity verges.
by Lokinario August 17, 2016
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