v. The process of taking a noun and changing it into a verb.

Generally done with famous proper nouns, although in appropriate situations, could be used to deliver an inside joke.
I. love. verbing. nouns!
I totally just Googled myself... again!
I couldn't get home in time for Brothers and Sisters. I'm so glad I TiVo'd it!
Yeah, we couldn't decide who should go first, so we just rock paper scissored that shit.
by JellyandPB March 16, 2009
1) Action Words

2) A slang term for boobs
1) Teacher: "Jimmy, use your verbs,"

2) Jimmy: "Your verbs are BIG!"
by Keith101010 April 15, 2006
to organize with glee and great abandon; Preparedness for any and all occurences while being the epitome of grace under fire.
"look at the fabulous
Romelda knife i found"
" i really need to Romelda my office space"-verb
by Thelma Thudpucker February 04, 2010
A repetitive fist pump that does not include anything resembling rhythm or style.
"Oh damn, he's doing the Verb again."
by Mark Verbois April 08, 2008
Its a Ho or a female thats action or a shone
Yo that girl right there is a verb.
by Arab jr November 18, 2007
A word that shows action.
Verb-It's what you do.
by verb November 21, 2004
A stupid ad campaign to get kids into 'ultra'cool school' the kind of word teachers use to make kids think theyre 'HIP 'N HAPPENIN' poor idiot teachers, this only works on nerds!
Whats YOUR verb? School rocks ,DUDETTES
by VURBGURL lol jkjk May 22, 2003

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