Think for yourself. Question authority.
Verb,Robert Chmelka does what he wants no matter what.
by Sandoz Bulldogs February 04, 2010
A general reply to a friend who says word because something is kool or right
Tommy: man look at that chick! She's so hot!
Billy: word!
Charlie: verb!
by brooke January 28, 2005
To use a word not commonly considered a verb as a verb. The created word, or neologism, may be modified in the same way as any regular or irregular verb.

Nouns and Adjectives are most commonly used as base words, but almost any word may be used in this way.

Many of these created verbs have passed into common usage, such as telephone, email or damage.
To verb is, in itself, an example of a verbed noun. Here are some other examples of verbed words.

Noun: Just Google it. (Somewhat common usage.)

Adjective: My job is to green our company. (i.e. to make it more environmentally friendly.)

Preposition: I versed him last night. (From versus.)

Acronym: But I did SMS him! (Also common usage.)
by ForsakenDAemon December 27, 2007
someone who is a very loose, and hoeish.
yo that new qirl a verb she let three niqqasz hit already
by SHAKii July 18, 2006
A very importmant member of the community.
Verb made some very good radom™.
by nuku March 06, 2005
The answer to everything.
Teacher: So what is the general theme of the piece, Matt?

Matt: Uhhh...

Cory: VERB!
by aser March 01, 2003
What she does to me in the sack.

What I give back to her.

An action that is taking place.
She is sitting on my cock. sitting is the verb
by brandon soule December 08, 2003

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