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a means by which to get yourself out of a date with a person with lots of red flags. i.e. - texting your friend to bail you out via a call or crashing the date
"this chick's totally waiting for marriage man, i need to velvet rope this date"
by vanti64 January 26, 2012
A lovemaking technique where the man inserts his penis into a menstruating (ripe) vagina. The man then takes his red penis and drags it from the woman's vagina to her chin. This is known as "giving someone a velvet rope", and was developed by Matt and Ryan at The Bedford in Chicago during the winter of 2012-13, with help from their waitress.
Dang, that's some Velvet Rope you got there. I'm just going to leave now.
by Le Bossman October 15, 2014
When an elderly woman gives a bj and takes her dentures out
man this old bitch gave me a velvet rope last night.
by cerberus6644 February 07, 2011
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