We're a bit of a wanker group, contrary to popular thought vegetarians aren't against eating animals. We're actually a group of people with a vendetta against plants, so much so we spend all our energy on making plants lives miserable & forget about eating meat.
Our favourite past times include drowning beans
peeling vegetable skin off
spraying organic shit all over plants
& ripping fruits off the limbs of plants.

And here was you stereotyping us as hippie-preachers against harming life
John planted seeds to make his garden bountiful in plant-life, little did the plants know John was a bit of a wanker who was going to kill them mercilessly & make soup out of their bodies.
The vegetarian bastard
by dumbguy1anddumbguy2 April 15, 2011
1. people conscious that animals were not, in fact, put on this earth only for our consumation.

2. people opposed to the harm of animals for leisure pleasures. ex: food- including chicken and fish (they're animals too!), accessories, hunting, shoes, bags, etc.. Also, someone who realizes that 99% of the animals that have ever lived have died and that we've done anything but help in their protection.

3. one who does not consume animal flesh but eats animal products like eggs, milk, cheese, and other dairy foods.
person 1: so you're a vegetarian. do you eat chicken and fish?

person 2: of course not, they're animals.

person 1: are your shoes leather?

person 2: oh no, they're faux.

person 1: so..do you like, wear tie-dye?

person 2: there's a difference between a vegetarian and a hippie.
by i have fuzz on my toes.. June 02, 2006
A) A person who forgoes the pleasure of eating meat, despite not neccessarily being under any duress to do so.

B) A person who has watched the movie 'Babe.' Probably.

C) A person who perhaps believe that omnivores are ignorant towards veggies, a belief that gains substance from comments such as definition 'B'.

D) A person who, judging by other definitions of the word 'vegetarian' on this website, will become rather touchy when it is suggested that they constantly preach to non-vegetatians.
Would you like some steak?

No thanks, I'm a vegetarian.

Fair enough. More steak for me then!
by pippin4652 July 19, 2010
Too cool For YOUR meat
waitress "what do you want for breakfast?"

Joe "just eggs"

Waitress "any bacon?"

Joe, "no thanks i'm vegetarian"

Waitress, "So are you sure you dont want bacon?"

Joe, "NO,.. I'm vegetarian..."

Waitress "what?"

Ben, "dude.. that means hes TOO COOL, for YOUR BACON"
by asdf17589898 December 18, 2008
A person who does not eat meat products
Vegetarian-Hi is there a vegetarian option?

Waiter-Of course...You can fuck off!
by comminsar November 14, 2009
A non-meat eater. Chooses not to eat meat for various reasons. Not to be confused with vegan. May still eat eggs, cheese, chocolate, and drink milk. Usually doesn't wear leather. Most vegetarians accept that not everyone is a vegetarian like them, and most accept others eating meat.
Even though I am a vegetarian, I don't down other people for eating meat.

Jean: Thanks for the meatless food.
Hunter: OMG, you are a vegetarian. I am still going to eat

Jean: Okay.
Hunter: Okay? You must be a broken vegetarian. You

aren't even going to tell me that you hate me or

preach to me to not eat meat?
Jean: Nope. It's your choice to eat meat. I'm not going to

try to sway your decision.

Hunter: Okay. Good.
by adriennesmileybear April 25, 2010
Vegetarians are people who choose to not eat meat for certain reasons, such as religion, ethics, or simply because they do not like the idea of 'eating flesh'.

Some vegetarians believe that people are allowed to choose whether or not they want to eat meat. Others try and force their beliefs on others, along with calling every meat eater a 'stupid uncultured dickhead'.

It is possible to get all daily needs out of being a Vegetarian, including protein, a fact that many people (see Omnivore and Carnivore) believe they can't. That is not to say that everyone who is not a Vegetarian believes this, just a few.

There are many varieties of vegetarian, such as those who eat fish, those who eat poultry and those who don't eat any animal products (see Vegan).
Normal Vegetarian: I'm a vegetarian because I chose to be.
Small-minded fool: Hahahahaha, you're stoopid for bein' a veggie. You gonna hate me for this? (Eats some meat product)
Normal Vegetarian: Nope.

Stupid Vegetarian: Everyone who eats meat is going to rot in hell! I hate you all! You should never eat meat! Dickheads! Assholes!
Normal Omnivore: Dude, what? (Finishes off burger)
Stupid Vegetarian: You ate meat! I hate you! Die in hell! (Bursts into tears)
^ {Seen this happen before....}
by xTownx November 27, 2008

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