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The person someone is in lust with; there is no desire of a commitment, just purely sexual activities with this other person. They are satisfied knowing there is no strings attached, but just the sex and occasional talking. Sometimes common between friends. Can often become confused with lover if situation gets serious for one person and not the other.
Braden is Allie's luster. Whenever they are together, something involving sex usually occurs, although they are just friends and don't want a relationship.
by Radio September 21, 2005
A symbol of US dominance and filth. Demonstrative of the idea that an advanced society can exist and thrive without producing goods and services that relate to or possess quality.
by radio August 07, 2003
Patriot; dissenter; someone who realizes that participatory democracy means not only voting to be heard and to influence the country. While there are some exceptions, a person who possesses a larger understnnding of geography, geo-political consequences of a country's foreign policy, and said country's place in the world.
Because of the anti-war protestors, the suits on Wall Street arrived late and didn't make the opening bell.
by radio August 09, 2003
Abbreviation for 'lick the balls'. Used to express contempt or the lack of desire to answer a question.
Joe: Hey, why do you always do that?

Sam: LTB, bitch.
by radio November 24, 2003
(see also evil, necessary)
Usually a federally subsidized manner or barter; something used in exchange for a product.
That car costs too much money
by radio August 07, 2003
Now, as redefined by the Dept. of Defense, seemingly any small body of individuals rising up and/or fighting for their liberation- or that of the group, nation, region they represent- against a large body of individuals or institutions (also known as the State). Forms of may vary. See also, guerrilla warfare.
by radio August 05, 2003
a really stupid ass freestyle
That wasn't tight nigga that was a stright up retard rap son
by Radio December 12, 2003
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