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Someone who slaughters and kills fruits, and vegetables.
The poor carrot had no chance.
by Alfonzo February 11, 2004
Possibly the best video game in exhistance. If you ever find yourself sucked into it, be sure to promptly and efficently uninstall the game and lose the cd key. You may experience withdrawl, but it is worth it in the end. The best remedy for the withdrawl symptoms is lots of porn and an avoidance of large, red orbs.
Damn, I wish I could play Diablo with you guys, but I lost my cd-key! I'll just have to go home and masturbate.
by Alfonzo March 08, 2005
the act of sticking one's finger in the cleft of the opposite sex's derriere.
Gus tried to goozle every woman who walked in front of him.
by Alfonzo May 08, 2003
vegetable killer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The carrot stood no chance against the vegetarian.
by Alfonzo February 11, 2004
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