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(verb) To yell at someone so loudly a breeze sets up and blows back the yellee's hair; to harsh someone's mellow.

From the character Vavoom from the animated TV series "Felix the Cat," whose defense was to yell "Vavoom!" really loudly in order to fuck shit up/save the day.
"OK, just say it nice; you don't have to vavoom me, man!"

Or simply: "Don't vavoom me!"
by that miss carly August 24, 2009
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a person (especially of the opposite sex) who looks very attractive and sexy
Did you catch Liz at the party? Man...she was looking vavoom!
by dimitry14 November 12, 2008
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The curve of a woman's ass from her hamstring and lower back. The larger the curve the bigger the vavoom. Often a sexual term for women with well defined butt's.
The girl's vavoom was so large you could actually measure it's distance form the leg.
by Dr. Kz October 24, 2010
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A totally cool little character from the old Felix the Cat cartoon on TV: He used his booming voice to blow holes through mountains.
Felix: Hey Vavoom this path stops here can you help?

Vavoom: Vavoooooooooom!!!!!!!!!!

Felix: Thanks Vavoom!
by thedzone October 06, 2009
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Vavoom A particularly loud and abnoxious vietnamese. Who usually likes to gamble and lies about all the women they had banged. Most men named Vo.
That Vo is sure a Vavoom.
by Paledon October 02, 2006
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Another Name For The Female Genitals.
The Vagina
Damn Girl, If That Skirt Was Any Shorter Your Va Voom Would Be Hanging Out!
by CrazECarmine_CT-88 September 08, 2007
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