1) A term for white people or people of caucasian decent who delight in racism, ignorance, and bigotry.
2) The majority of the student body at St. Mary's High School in Annapolis, MD.
3) White people who listen to rap, hip hop, and other type of urban music and think that they are "gangstas".
4) White people who say things like.."hey girl" "son" "thats my boys" or other ebonic phrases to people who aren't white like them, as if only white people can speak & understand things properly.
Aah!! Vanillas are everywhere, its a white out!
#st. mary's #kkk #nazis #crackers #and honkies.
by A-dyme January 06, 2006
soft white cocanie
an ice cream flavor
a form of snow
that vanilla was soft first but hard now
#cocaine #skeet #any thing soft and white #ice cream #snow
by grams August 04, 2006
vanilla > the relationship between a couple, with one having no interest, or participation in the other persons fetish, or lifestyle
BOB: why doesn't your wife come to these munches with you? Isn't she your sub/slave?
TOM: No, she has no interest, or desire for this. but says. If i have to do it,, do it some where else. Just leave the whips, and cuffs there. <ha>
by sub-brena September 21, 2003
Cream the Rabbit's mother.

Her Offical name is Sonic X.
Vanilla is Cream's Mom.
by Danny July 10, 2004
A game without mods.
I had to get nraas mods for my sims 3 game. The game runs like crap vanilla.
#unmodded #as is #modless #modded #mods
by LunarSimsGaming August 22, 2015
When a person is absolutely dull in bed. A vanilla person probably fucks like a kindergarten teacher opiates. You would have better luck with a blow up doll because Vanillas are scared of jizz.
That girl only like missionary and she made you cum in the toilet? Yeah she was so vanilla.
#missionary #sex #boringsex #chocolate #whitegirl
by Dobus March 19, 2015
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