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1. A creamy, goopy, white dessert that is vanilla flavored.

2. Cum, or the combined cum of partners.
1. Oh boy! Mom made us vanilla pudding for dessert.

2. Oh no! We stained the couch with our vanilla pudding.
by monica borbele August 20, 2009
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Something that is extremely strange, awkward and generally makes no sense at all. Something totally without logic and severely disjointed in all possible ways.

Origins point to a facebook wall-to-wall that reads like this:
Guy1:Man we haven't partied since the summer. But dang I just remembered I can't party this weekend either. -_-

Guy2:it was vanilla pudding!
I managed to successfully make a round square in the laboratory today using conventional house hold items.

That a lot of vanilla pudding you just uttered.
by GothicDeath November 13, 2010
a chubby, pale white girl who is sexually promiscuous. A VP is not physically attractive, but has a reputation for being very talented sexually, especially at oral sex.
Got to get me some vanilla pudding tonight. The pipes are getting backed up.
by BillCozby May 03, 2010

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