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2 definitions by GothicDeath

Professional swallow-er.

A man or woman who can ingest a lot of items of varying sizes of loads, thickness, viscosity, volume etc. etc. with relative easy and alacrity.
This chick on 3rd Avenue is a real good swaller man.

Amazing to watch her work.
by GothicDeath January 16, 2012
1 2
Something that is extremely strange, awkward and generally makes no sense at all. Something totally without logic and severely disjointed in all possible ways.

Origins point to a facebook wall-to-wall that reads like this:
Guy1:Man we haven't partied since the summer. But dang I just remembered I can't party this weekend either. -_-

Guy2:it was vanilla pudding!
I managed to successfully make a round square in the laboratory today using conventional house hold items.

That a lot of vanilla pudding you just uttered.
by GothicDeath November 13, 2010
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