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A term used first, by enthusiasts of Volkswagen Golf Gti 16 valve cars, the tern is used to determine the engine difference between an 8 valve model and a more powerful 16 valve model, the more powerful model is (and has been for more years than any other manufacturers car) in short called a valver
Jacks new car is a Golf Gti,
Oh is it fast?
yes, but you have to use the revs, it`s a valver.
meaning it`s a 16 valve engine and when you keep the car in a gear for longer it makes the car rev more.

by stevejowen August 18, 2007
A slang term to describe a 16v engine over it's 8v counterpart. If you were replacing your standard 8v engine with a 16v lump you could say you were upgrading to a valver.
I've put a valver out of a VTS in my Saxo.
by Gixxer_Junkie October 18, 2007
enthusiasts term for the finest of old skool renault engines, the 1.8 16v
usually found in the clio and also the 'old mans' 19
clio not to be mistaken for the lowlier RT see nova boy
just thrashed a VTS in me valver
by casper November 21, 2003
more commonly know as the vauxhall 2.0 16v redtop engine that you find in astra's and cavaliers
is very popular amgonst boy racers and car modifiers
i just dropped a valver into my corsa
by vauxhall_vixen05 September 07, 2005
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