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A term used first, by enthusiasts of Volkswagen Golf Gti 16 valve cars, the tern is used to determine the engine difference between an 8 valve model and a more powerful 16 valve model, the more powerful model is (and has been for more years than any other manufacturers car) in short called a valver
Jacks new car is a Golf Gti,
Oh is it fast?
yes, but you have to use the revs, it`s a valver.
meaning it`s a 16 valve engine and when you keep the car in a gear for longer it makes the car rev more.

by stevejowen August 18, 2007
Simply put, gaining an unfair advantage over the competition.
A racing car has an almost flat piece of material (usually carbon fibre) which is positionad flat, at (almost "on") the side of the car just behind the rear wheels, i think the purpose of this item, known as a barge board is to deflect air into the side pod of the car and to deflect air from the front wheel into a more managable, useable state through the side pod partly to stop the air from finding it`s own less aerodynamic way over and or under the car, which would also if i remember correctly aid stability of the car.
Ferrari at (iirc) 1999 Malaysian Grand Prix were accused of using barge boards which were too large, 10mm to large, 10mm or was it 5mm? either way in engineering terms is a lifetime.
Can we call this fair? i doubt it, but would we be able to call it cheating?
you make up your own mind, search the web for facts!
As the Fia did not fine Ferrari then Ferrari have not been cheating here then.
by stevejowen September 15, 2007

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