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6 definitions by casper

When unicorns... um... do it. And by do it, I mean fuck.
That nasty furry probably thinks about uniporn all day...
by casper July 09, 2004
57 21
enthusiasts term for the finest of old skool renault engines, the 1.8 16v
usually found in the clio and also the 'old mans' 19
clio not to be mistaken for the lowlier RT see nova boy
just thrashed a VTS in me valver
by casper November 21, 2003
10 9
A US expression meaning a total idiot.
You are a complete dumbass for having to look up complete dumbass.
by casper June 15, 2004
1 2
That Ninja Scroll thinks he's cool and tries to get everyone to follow him.
Yeah, is off the hizzy, naw mean?
by Casper January 02, 2003
4 11
ice cream truck, like the ones that ran around urban neiborhoods. Truck playing music seeling ice cream.
lets get the ICT and meet the folks
by casper March 03, 2005
4 19
an insult....
ugly guy1: hey! gemme back my pokemon cards!!! ur gunna put a crease in them and they will be worthless!!

ugly guy2: shut tha fuck up!!! they already are worthless... girlscout!!!
by Casper April 23, 2004
6 26