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very and then some.
ooh its telling me i need more letters so i'll just keep on are u? me?yeh im gd thanks. (thats enough methinks)
"i am without a shadow of doubtosity vair VAIR amusant"
by karis November 02, 2004
'Very', but for those who like to be orginal, like JoJo and Rachee. Used in a sentence it sounds awesome-o! fofly originally from 'the clique', pretty committee series. (Also must be written in capitals for effect (: )
Rachee: Hey JoJo! I got a new laptop oi!
JoJo: OMG! That is VAIR excitin!
#very #fofl #fofly #funny #tres #happyhappyyay!
by imaWOODchuck. January 25, 2009
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