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A really pretentious and annoying way to say "I think."
Methinks me shall skippeth off to the Ethan of Allen in order that I may find an alternative to this late 90s kitsch.
by Sheridan Bucket February 26, 2005
Archaic Verb. A surviving old-English dative construction of "it seems to me" where "me" is the indirect object. Sadly, abused by people who make special trips to Pinkberry.

past tense: methought.
They talk about their Pilgrim blood,
Their birthright high and holy!
A mountain-stream that ends in mud
Methinks is melancholy.
by maniacal engineer September 11, 2010
Another way to say 'i think'. First seen in culture in William Shakespeare's play 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', used by the servant Puck (you're impressed). But the worlds nerd subculture became enthralled with the term, when the term was used by Jar-Jar Binks in Star Wars I: Phantom Menace, hallowed be thy name, and is used by NORMAL PEOPLE in conversation. Sometimes used at the end of a sentence, to add an opinion (example 2).
Example 1: Methinks I'm bored.

Example 2: That's a nice arse methinks.
by wannabekilla December 13, 2010
Derived from "I think" and possibly fuelled by Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace, "methinks" is a term added to a sentence to express opinion.

Can be used at any point in the sentence, thus adding a flexibility advantage over "I think". However, owing to its poor continuity with formal English, it is often suggestive of idiocy.
1: Your friend is a foolish one, methinks.
1: Methinks you are wrong.

1: Jane is HOT, methinks!!
2: Methinks is a stupid word, methinks.

by MrKapper December 03, 2005
A cool way to say "I think". Used online (IRC, ICQ etc)
No going out for me tonight methinks. Exams are approaching!
by Ratpoison May 07, 2004
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