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Current city/state wherein resides the vagina of the great Vagiliath.
A utopia, where all vaginas are created equal but some are more equal than others.
The last society in the world where all laws are passed by a 3/5 vote by vaginas.
The only place in the world which gives away chocolate and copies of "The Notebook" for free.
The city/state surprisingly boasts a 99.9/0.1 female to male population.
Because of its remote location, women have begun to go through their cycles simultaneously. This in turn has created a severe problem with vampire bat sitings and bitings.
I am Tom Reynolds reporing from the Vagican where earlier today, it was voted that not only shall each citizen receive chocolate and a copy of "The Notebook" but they also shall receive a free Nalgene bottle. Their reason for doing this? I quote, "This is what the great Vagiliath would have wanted."
by itsthompzilla March 24, 2008
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