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Anything that isn't a good or practical lubricant for masturbating purposes.
Mayonaisse, Shampoo,Yogurt, and Rocks are generally lubrican'ts when attempting to jerk off.
by itsthompzilla March 24, 2008
One who hates anyone who appears to be obese or weigh above their specified weight class for their height.
Fat guy #1: You see that skinny mutha fucka over there? That guy is an obesist. He doesn't take kindly to our kind.
Fat Guy #2: That BASTARD!
by itsthompzilla March 26, 2008
Intercourse that takes place in the snow.
Michelle and I had wintercourse while we were out sledding.
by itsthompzilla April 13, 2008
Current city/state wherein resides the vagina of the great Vagiliath.
A utopia, where all vaginas are created equal but some are more equal than others.
The last society in the world where all laws are passed by a 3/5 vote by vaginas.
The only place in the world which gives away chocolate and copies of "The Notebook" for free.
The city/state surprisingly boasts a 99.9/0.1 female to male population.
Because of its remote location, women have begun to go through their cycles simultaneously. This in turn has created a severe problem with vampire bat sitings and bitings.
I am Tom Reynolds reporing from the Vagican where earlier today, it was voted that not only shall each citizen receive chocolate and a copy of "The Notebook" but they also shall receive a free Nalgene bottle. Their reason for doing this? I quote, "This is what the great Vagiliath would have wanted."
by itsthompzilla March 24, 2008
When something is fun or cool it can be expressed as being thriller.
Darren: How was your date with Ashley last night?
Tom: I'd have to say it was pretty thriller man.
by itsthompzilla March 24, 2008
A girl who you can't get with for whatever reason.
This can mean she doesn't put out or you simply fucked up while hanging out with her.
Ricky: That girl is so hot!
Tom: Yeah, but she's a total vagican't!
by itsthompzilla March 24, 2008
A member of the female persuasion who is scummy.
David: Look at that scum hag over there.
Tom: Oh shit, that girl is fucking disgusting.
by itsthompzilla March 25, 2008

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