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a member of the v-club is a virgin
by Jo and Angie April 01, 2003
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you are still a virgin so therfore you are in the v club
''omg karen is still in the v club''

john-''thats hot''
by alexaveedah October 29, 2007
The "V-Club" is made up of all the virgins in the world. If you haven't yet lost your virginity, then you are a member of the V-Club.
Jill: "Jack and I STILL haven't had sex. I'm gonna be a virgin forever!!!"
Danni: "Girl, you ain't gonna be in the V-Club much longer. Don't worry."
by Cormany10 February 22, 2008
Virgin Club. A club for those who have never had sex.
I have never known the pleasure of a woman; I am a member of the V Club
by Jack Meoff Again October 26, 2007
Someone who is a pussy and wont ever have sex EVER!!!!
That guy in the 40 Year old Virgin was still in the V Club
by Super Marine90 January 13, 2011

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